• Commando Kids Solihull

    The average Brit now spends 90% of their time indoors. Children can spend up to 4.5 hours a day on screens. The research is clear. Spending time in nature is a key component to a child's physical and mental health. It develops resilience, fosters friendships and allows them time and space run, play and learn. 

    We offer outdoor activities for Kids in Solihull. Get them away from technology, active and learning new skills in a wilderness environment within easy reach of Birmingham and Solihull. 

  • Royal Marines Commando

    Royal Marines Commandos need to be versatile, confident and have the ability to operate anywhere across the globe. The purpose of the regain is to be able to get back on the rope should you fall. 

    Royal Marines can operate on steep mountainous terrain and require a unique skill set in order to operate undetected.

    To pass part of the selection process Royal Marine recruits must do this with full kit. It's all about the technique.

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