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    Being a parent is demanding. Navigating parenthood is a fine art and continuous juggling act that will never end. That’s the privilege we have raising children.

     We all want the best for our children that’s’ for sure. What are the keys to raising a healthy child? How do we help create independent children ready to take on the world with physical health and mental resilience?

  • The average child now spends 7 hours a day staring at screens and little time outdoors in unstructured play. Even in schools technology is slowly creeping into the classroom. Of course this is a fantastic resource for teachers but what is the impact of future generations? This is somewhat different to the generation of the 80’s, 90’s where it was common practice to spend more time outdoors. Most critical of all abundant time in nature is shown to benefit kids long term cognitive, emotional and social development.

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  • Sweden is one of my go to countries for peace, relaxation and a true sense of wilderness. Thousands of Lakes, forests give you the sense of a remote landscape untouched by civilisation.


    Lets face it. Life gets hectic in the UK. The daily grind of technology, the deadlines, and schedules. Concrete jungles simply gives me a feeling of isolation. Whenever I take groups out to Sweden I feel a sense of pureness, a relaxed body and mind. Water also has a way of calming people, allowing people to fully be present in the moment, no where to rush, just the lakes and rivers to explore. It's magical.

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