60 Day Kick Start Programme

Nutrition is key to shedding those unwanted pounds and often the fundamental flaw that stops people achieving their ideal bodyweight. Whether you want to build muscle, burn fat or improve performance a good diet is key to your success.

This programme has be designed using the latest scientific evidence. It will give you real results long term. It is not a calorie counting short term fix programme like many programmes on the market. Anyone in the know understands cutting calories is a short term fix and the evidence surrounding clearly shows people put the weight straight back on when they return. We offer a nutrition programme that covers more than just a nutritional cookbook.

The problem with many weight loss programmes is the fact that the people teaching the courses have little foundational knowledge of nutrition and Science. This leads to poor dietary advice and bog standard guidance or out date techniques and strategies that just don’t work.  This programme has been designed by Dave the owner of Adventure Fitness. With over 15 years of studying nutrition, qualifications in Sport Science and personal training he has the knowledge to help you succeed.


Who is it for?

Men and women who want to optimise and nourish their bodies and improve their overall health and wellbeing. Much more than a weight loss programme this positive energy course will improve all areas of your life.

What the programme includes;

  • Diet plan and cookbook
  • Online lifestyle consultation
  • Secret Social Media support group
  • Email and phone support
  • Tailored guidance to enable you to succeed.
  • Weekly HIIT home workout

Results you can expect

  • High energy levels
  • Body fat and waste line reduced
  • Clearing of skin
  • Greater mental clarity
  • Improved mood
  • Confidence increases

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Join us on our 8 week transformation programme and we will give you the tools to transform yourself this summer.

Price List

For the price of a night out you can literally change your life. Invest in yourself and your health…

£10.00 for members of our fitness classes

£49.00 for Nutrition Programme (outdoor fitness classes not included, so open to nation-wide)

£99.00 Fitness and Nutrition Programme. Includes 3 months of unlimited fitness sessions at our Midlands based hub.

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