Wild Escape Sweden 2022

Wild Escape Sweden 2022

Escape from civilization into the tranquil and undisturbed lakes, rivers and forests of Sweden. You’ll canoe 40km total during the six day trip, spending your mornings trekking through the forest, practicing Yoga and learning about the natural environment. In the evening, you’ll see why Sweden is known as “the land of the Midnight sun”—with tons of daylight, you’ll have ample time to wild swim, fish, and relax around the camp fire.

Wild Escape has been designed to help you slow down to the flow of the river and be fully present in the wilderness. Your guides on the trip are fitness, bushcraft, and wilderness experts who will teach you how to survive in the environment, enhance your fitness, center your well being—and hopefully see some resident elk and beavers along the way.

Hassle Free Adventure
We organise all of the internal bookings so all you have to do is turn up and enjoy.
Wilderness Guides for Safety and Instruction
All Kit and Equipment Included
Yoga, Bushcraft and mindfulness walks

One of our client experiences

"Going to Sweden with Adventure Fitness was a trip I would recommend to anyone, no matter what level of fitness or camping experience. I really enjoyed the stunning scenery from the canoes, which were easily mastered, also the camping, cooking and foraging led to some interesting culinary experiences! Travelling with like minded people makes for great team work and cooperation and it also matters that you can have complete trust in those that are leading as Dave, Stuart and their marine friends ensured our safety and enjoyment. A great expedition"

Debbie Seazall

Here's some footage from Sweden 2016

5 day Wild camping and Canoeing Expedition (Only 3 days OFF work).

A Wilderness retreat with a difference. This provides a combination of Adventure, health and wellbeing whilst taking in the sights of Sweden by Canoe.

Wild Escape has been designed to take you away from modern civilisation and into a tranquil undisturbed environment where you can explore rivers and lakes being led by fitness, Bushcraft and canoeing experts.

As you slow down to the flow of the river your mind will be fully relaxed and present in the wilderness. Throughout the trip your instructors will teach you have to survive in the environment and also enhance your fitness and well being with morning yoga sessions. You may see the resident Elk and Beaver along the river sides if you are quiet enough.

If you want to get away from it all, learn about nature and improve your health and wellbeing this is an awesome Adventure.

This is an Adventure that will leave you rejuvenated in this serene and wild landscape.

Who’s it for?

Outdoor enthusiasts
Fitness enthusiasts
Nature lovers

You don’t need any experience on canoe, all training will be given.

Enjoying the sunset in Swedens wild and beautiful landscape

We offer a range of activities on the trip that are optional. The activities will be delivered throughout the expedition. Some of the activities include,

  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Survival skills
  • Navigation
  • Natural cordage
  • Foraging
  • wood carving
  • camp fire games
  • Forest treks
  • Yoga

Day 1 Meet on Wednesday at 14.00 at Oslo Gardemoen airport where you will be transported by coach or hire car to the region. On arrival you will receive a full briefing from the team and collect all your equipment for the duration of the expedition. There will be an opportunity to head into the local town to collect grab some food and relax in a local Swedish village. Spend the night under the stars with a camp fire to relax.

Day 2 – In the morning you will be able to have a quick dip in the river or take a morning stroll through the forest to adjust to the serenity of Sweden. The team will teach you how to make some great camping snacks using the camp fire and some top tips for your canoeing trip. Basic shower facilities are available should you want to freshen up for the journey. At around midday after a light lunch and you will be taken deep into the forests of Sweden and dropped off to your start point where we launch canoes. The next few hours will be spent getting use to the canoes on the water. and heading to the base camp for evenings supper. Here we will provide guidance on camp site selection, camp craft and hygiene. Time is then your own to be free in the forest, canoe, fish, swim or relax around the camp fire. We will have a few camp fire games for anyone who would like to get involved.

Day 3  Waking up to the sound of the birds and and smell of the camp fire you are now in Swedens best canoeing waters. Each morning we will start the day with some gentle exercise being a walk through the forest, some yoga and stretching to wake up and revitalise your body and soul. We will also be teaching the interested about the local flora and fauna in the area and will find some natural herbs to make ourselves a morning brew. Join us around the camp fire for coffee and breakfast and take in the tranquil environment.  As we board our canoes we leave base camp and move on with our expedition through the winding rivers and lakes. As we transit we will find a nice sport for lunch and swim in the river or play some water sports.

The light nights mean you can paddle all day with the sun high in the sky, fish as you canoe or search for local wildlife.

Around late afternoon we will pitch up and share some camp fire stories. Martin our Bushcraft expert will teach you how to carve and work with wood. You will have to opportunity to sit around the fire and carve your own wooden spoon which you can take back with you on the trip. A great time to go out on canoe is at dusk where you may be able to see the local wildlife.

Day 4  Wake up? Is that the smell of fresh coffee by the fire….Mmmm yes please… Enjoy your time as you relax or take part in the morning fitness group class. Some of you may enjoy reading a good book while others want to stretch and train in nature. The choice is yours…….

After a light breakfast with push on through the very river and lake systems the Vikings would have dominated many years ago. Viking your way through these as you imagine what life must have been like for these warriors on the water. A relaxed final day we will stop to explore a range of areas where we can hike and forage for local herbs and medicinal plants.

Day 5 –  

It’s the morning we all didn’t want to come. A final breakfast and small paddle to finish the trip and meet our coach to be transported back to the canoe centre. After we hand back our kit we then take the transport back to Oslo. There maybe time to head into Oslo to get a drink prior to our flight home.

Book before October 2021 and recieve a 10% all in trip for £540 per person. No deposit required to register


Cost is £600.00 per person. Reserve your spot with a small deposit to secure your place.

TRIP DATE – Wednesday 1st June - Sunday 5th June 2022 - .

5 day Trip for £600.00. 

We offer payment plans, get in touch to see how we can help.

Please note deposits are not refundable once place on the trip is confirmed.
  • Qualified canoe, bushcraft, survival and fitness instructors
  • Evening Accomadation on first night of arrival
  • Transfers from Oslo Norway to Sweden (2-3 hour journey)
  • One night camping at the canoe centre and tents for the duration of the expedition
  • Canoes, paddles, life jackets, 2 barrels, 2 person tent, Sleeping bag and roll mat, Trangia cooker + 1ltr of fuel, Canoe wheels
  • All training throughout the 4 day expedition

What’s not included?

  • Personal expenditure including travel insurance
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Rations for the canoe phase (you will need 4 breakfasts, lunch and dinners)
  • Flights are not included. Please book your flights to Oslo Gardemoen to arrive before 14.00 on the. Return flights must be booked for after 18.00.



Whichever flights that are booked transfers will leave Olso gardermoen airport at 15.00 on the start date and will return by 18.00 on the Sunday for departure. Most economical flight is from London Gatwick departing at 09.20 am and return flight on the Sunday is 21.45.

If you require any assistance in booking flights please let us know.


Swimming ability required by adults. All participation at own risk. Minimum 2 adults.

You should be in good health and have a reasonable level of fitness and strength. The tour takes place on calm, slow-flowing rivers with some lake sections.

***Denotes optional

***Tarp / hammock – (Tents are included in the price so this is optional)

Water bottle or Platypus, Dromedary or Ortlieb collapsible water container


Fork or spoon

Sheath knife (to be kept in hold luggage)***

Folding Saw – please ask for advice if you are unsure (to be kept in hold luggage)***

Dry bags – everything must be waterproofed.

Rucksack or Northface style hold all, or Ortlieb Dry Bag Carrying System

Wide brimmed hat or cap with neck protection***

Insect repellent + insect head net. The mosquitoes can be a problem sometimes.

Travel clothing for 1st and last days on flights.

Canoeing clothing – we suggest – trousers, shorts, t-shirt, shirt, lightweight loose fitting clothing, must be long-sleeved/ full-length legs. Quick drying clothes. Your feet will get wet so some light wet suit boots are great for the canoe.

Spare dry footwear for the evening.

Fleece / down jacket etc

Waterproof coat

1 whistle

10m of cord (at least 3mm)

Sunscreen (Riemann P20 is expensive but effective and proven in extreme conditions. It only needs applying once a day and is available at the airport duty free shop)


Personal effects; – wash kit, medication etc (it is probably worthwhile taking your own supply of analgesia and anti diarrhoea tablets as well as toilet paper)

Rations – 5 x breakfast – 5 x lunches – 5 x supper (super noodles, couscous, oat-so-simple – light weight dehydrated stuff – chocolate snacks etc….We will have chance to get these at base camp prior to setting off.

Tea / coffee / whitener

Fishing kit***

23kg maximum

Please ensure that ALL kit is carried in a waterproof bag. Any cameras, mobile phones etc should be kept in re-sealable plastic bags to keep out water… (which will get everywhere).


The local currency is Swedish Kronor. You can put almost anything on a credit card but we would suggest taking about £50 in Kronor.


There are three things to consider:

  1. Tick borne encephalitis – please speak to your GP about this. We are not in a high risk region so this is personal preference
  2. Tetanus – please be up to date before the trip.
  3. EHIC – European Health Insurance Card – you will need one of these. Please visit www.dh.gov.uk/travellers and apply online.

Please consult your doctor. It is worth taking antibacterial soap with you and washing your hands before eating. Even by taking these precautions it is still possible to get an upset stomach, so having your own supply of Imodium (and loo roll) is advisable – if taking wet wipes, ensure they are biodegradable (i.e. Kandoo)


The temperatures in the wilderness could still be over 300C during the day but may dip below freezing at night. Be prepared for all eventualities. The likely temperatures are a max of 25 and a min of around 10. It can quite windy though.

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